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Displaying the feed post based on Popularity post, it should display the details as well as performance should not be affected.

Challenges faced

While monitoring frequently visited posts, we are generating the view counts for all the posts.

Sometimes it may lead to save incorrect view counts if users pauses scrolling on the post accidentally. So we need to avoid such situations from counting it.


Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • MySQL

Project Highlights

  • News Feed
  • React native cross platform mobile app
  • Popular posts Statistics


For this, popularity are the orders based on the some parameter values liked count, comment count, view count. But loading these causes the performance issue.

To overcome that Virtual Data loading has been implemented, it will have all data but it will display screen adopted feed post, not all. So this increases the performance speed and UI experience.

We calculated the view count of a post only if the user clicked the post and opened it in full screen view or if the user did some actions including likes, comments, shares on the post, then only we marked it as viewed one time.


We achieved the best performance for the news feed page scroll and reduced error rate while calculating the popular posts by considering user activities on the posts such as likes, comments etc.

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Ajmal Khan

The billing application made for our retail chain stores is really good and user friendly in practical execution. The best part is that, Support & Services rendered thereafter the sales closure.

Thank you so much for the development. Have a great year ahead. Kudos

Zam Zam Sweets " Managing Director "
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