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Need to display reports of the watched videos based on hours.

Challenges faced

The user may close or kill the application any time or the internet may be disconnected while watching the video in YouTube. However the watched time should be updated in the database for the video.


Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Golang

Project Highlights

  • Course learning app
  • Learner progress calculation
  • Youtube video statistics


Ultimate goal is to view the progress of the student like how many videos are watched in terms of its duration. Videos are loaded from YouTube, as it is a third party Plug-in, and need to get the watched from YouTube, which provide the call back function.

Once the video is loaded, it will return On Ready, Call Back, so that system will initialize the Onstate Change. In the Call Back function, when the user is watching Video, it will return the parameters from their system and will take the watched duration. After the duration is received, it will update the details in the database through API and is displayed to the user.


We got a better solution for this case by updating the currently watched duration whenever the user made changes on it. During each 5 seconds we updated current time into database.

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Ajmal Khan

The billing application made for our retail chain stores is really good and user friendly in practical execution. The best part is that, Support & Services rendered thereafter the sales closure.

Thank you so much for the development. Have a great year ahead. Kudos

Zam Zam Sweets " Managing Director "
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