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Hourly Based

We even provide cheaper hourly rates offering the best services provided for a specific time schedule.

Hour Based Development

Hourly based development is most preferred for Agile methodology. This can be utilised by clients for better developer application. Each developer in our team have a preferred language. So depending on the client’s preference our dedicated developers will be assigned to clients when the agreement starts. Clients can have direct contacts and meetings with developers regarding the work.

We offer very lower rates for the project having duration longer than a month and we provide extended support for currently ongoing projects.

In general, though web based languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS are easier to code in and develop quicker results, what is used in order to build the majority of web apps. On top of that, there are even frameworks in place to make the job easier.


Hour Based Details

iSQUARE assigns dedicated developers to their clients for cheaper hourly rates.

  • Billing per hour
  • Agile Methodology
  • Lower Hourly Rates
  • Extended Support
  • 40+ Hours per week
  • Available for Different Time zone
  • Worklogs Reporting
  • Daily standup meeting

Hourly based contracts includes Project Analyzing, Planning, UI Designing, UI Prototyping, Implementation, Testing, Documentation of the project and any other work assigned to the developer.

Case Studies


Real-Time Chat server with Payment gateway for Space 3

We build a single UI just for a chat application and integrated socket for real-time messaging and notifications. So users don’t have to refresh the page to view new messages... READ MORE


Dynamic 2D HTML Maps for Smart Beach

A UI to view all beach maps in real-time with seat availability in the existing Smart beach ionic application. The beach managers will design and change the beach, this should immediately... READ MORE

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I would really say, iSquare has converted Hyatt from "People driven" to "Process driven" company which inturn increased our Productivity and Business growth.

Thanks for your dedication and commitment.

Hyatt Clothing Co " Managing Director "
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