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In the latest era of technology development mobile technologies has paved way for fastest growing network that connects between people and businesses.


iSquare builds best quality mobile applications ensuring the speedy communication access. We pay close attention to the minute details, ensuring that the finished product will be the top of its class. Ensuring all detailing based on clients request increases the feasibility of the site. The main factors we focus while developing mobile applications are security, store listing size, start-ups loading time, battery optimizations and more things.

We are using Kotlin, Dart, Java for Android development and Swift for IOS Development.

We also develop hybrid mobile applications using Ionic, React Native and flutter. the best myth about the hybrid app development is that the hybrid app can't do all things that native applications actually can do.


Hybrid Mobile App Development

We iSquare prefer Hybrid mobile applications for most cases. because we can bring the power of native application & the pleasant UI / UX of browser based web applications to our Hybrid application. so that it can be smart all the time.

  • Never ending Background Services
  • Real time communications
  • Speed of Native application
  • Web view Optimizations
  • Battery Optimizations
  • Full Access to Camera & Sensors
  • Benefits of Web Browsers
  • Full Access to device storage

We ensure the security of the application while it is built as a hybrid application.

Mobile App Technologies

We iSquare currently developing multiple projects on these mobile app development technologies. Other than these list, we have good experience in some more technologies also.

  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Android Development using Java
  • Android Development using Kotlin
  • IOS Development using Swift
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Android Development using Dart

We ensure the security & the performance of the application while it is built as a hybrid application. since PWA Apps have access to Geo Location, Camera and Device sensors, we are developing mobile applications using PWAs also.

Case Studies


Multiple Store updates via SMS notifications for Zam Zam

Customer has multiple branches and Software will work offline all times, But Management needs to see the overall store's sales updates on their phone.... READ MORE


Different Team for Different type of Customers follow up for Sounds Good

There is the various team in their concern, but they need to follow-up (or) remain the client, but that need to be done based on the team-wise(i.e.) sales team to follow their own customers... READ MORE


Noting down the progress of what we see in Felidaie

While watching the video in youtube, the user may close or kill the application any time or the internet may be disconnected. However the watched time should be updated in the database for the user video. We needed... READ MORE

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Ajmal Khan

The billing application made for our retail chain stores is really good and user friendly in practical execution. The best part is that, Support & Services rendered thereafter the sales closure.

Thank you so much for the development. Have a great year ahead. Kudos

Zam Zam Sweets " Managing Director "
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