Streamline Sales Automation

  • Collect customer data on any device and manage opportunities by configuring trigger alerts. Generate documents automatically and create a better CRM environment.
  • Automate the generation of sales proposals resulting in faster reviews and approvals. Track the revisions and gain insights into the efficiency of the process.
  • Generate contracts automatically with existing data and route them to stakeholders for review. Eliminate approval delays by integrating e-signature tools.

Sales Prospecting

Automation revolutionizes sales prospecting processes by easily identifying and qualifying potential customers, updating and sharing their information and summarizing their needs for the sales team reference.

Contract Management

Auto-generate sales contracts based on information captured in the CRM and push them through the automated workflows for stakeholder’s reviews and approvals. Eliminate delays from using manual processes.

Performance Management

Get real-time access to sales performance data for products, services, and the sales team. Create custom reports and charts and add them to your dashboard for anytime access.

Campaign Planning

Use custom parameters to schedule, publish and analyze marketing activities across all departments from a single window. Schedule launch campaigns, boost posts and enhance campaign flow with the most accurate analytics.

Consumer Behavior & Insights

Capture consumer data using any device without the need for spreadsheets. Configure trigger alerts and follow-ups with ease and send system-generated documents to extend the value of your CRM environment.

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Benefits of sales process automation

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

By automating data entry and pre-scheduling follow-up emails, sales teams may spend more time interacting with prospects and closing deals, which increases revenue and sales.

Reduced Errors and Redundancies

Automation minimizes the errors and risks stemming from manual processes thus ensuring consistency and accuracy, resulting in smoother operations and happier customers.

Better Customer Experience

Automation ensures customers receive personalized experiences that are catered to their unique needs, boosting customer loyalty.

Growth Potential and Scalability

Automation offers the scalability required to deal with increasing sales volumes, successful integration of new clients, and responding quickly to shifting market conditions.

Analytics and Reporting

Automation sends reports of sales performance, task completion, and revenue targets to the relevant inboxes at frequent intervals.

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