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We work on queries by clients with a team of developers to make their web page run smoothly and hassle free.


Need team-wise follow-up customers, their own clients.

Challenges faced

We are having different types of custom follow ups and teams in this project. The database structure will not look good if we use different table structures and tables for all these types of follow-ups. So we need to think about common structure over these different follow ups.


Technologies Used

  • Angular 2
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Project Highlights

  • Multiple user support
  • One UI for all types
  • Customer follow ups


We created software with the required database structure and screen flow. It is useful in such a way to remain with the customers with their own team. Maintaining the data in an easy way by follow-up client transactions in one single table. Every client will have one active follow-up at a time.

Every follow-up team will have a unique status ID, those are mapped with the client under a column in a table. Due to this, the clients are segregated based on the follow-up team and in that table there is a date field to remain for the client on that date with the particular team.


We have reused single table view UI for all types of team and follow up to show different data. Since the columns are different for all the types, we just collect the column names and data from the back end and load it into the table based on the follow-up selected.

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I would really say, iSQUARE has converted Hyatt from "People driven" to "Process driven" company which inturn increased our Productivity and Business growth.

Thanks for your dedication and commitment.

Hyatt Clothing Co " Managing Director "
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