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We work on queries by clients with a team of developers to make their web page run smoothly and hassle free.


Client’s management team needs to see the overall store's sales updates on their phone as customer has multiple branches and software will work offline all times.

Challenges faced

The important challenge faced is that our application will be connected to network only for sometimes. It may lead to unexpected errors if the internet is disconnected during a sync process. So the details can’t sync with cloud all the time.


Technologies Used

  • Angular
  • Golang
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Project Highlights

  • Online & offline mode
  • Sync with Error handling
  • Multiple users sync


It is better to handle SMS, if the data is in One Place (Server), for that sync process is used. Data transfer is done by using Curl for every 30 mins. Data unavailable in the server is sent for adding in the Server Database. Initially API is triggered to the server. Database Tables have a Unique ID (Primary Key). These data are taken and are prepared in the format which are required in Server Database. Only partial data is taken in the Server Database, so that API time will be reduced and performance will be increased. Then those data are retrieved in Server and saved in the Database.

To send the data, various problems have been overcome like Data parsing, sending the Data to server using Rest API method, Data Saving in Server based on Server Load on that time, etc.


We added manual sync with internet connectivity test & verification of completed sync. So if sync process is interrupted by the internet connection, it will automatically mark as incomplete by the server. So it made the sync process faster.

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Always a pleasure to work with iSQUARE team. His communication and quality of work is superb. I'm glad we're working together on this project and looking forward to the next. Keep up the great work iSQUARE

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