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API Automation

Building businesses by automating the application through online automation tools will ensure data syncing for further communication.

API automation

API - Application Programming Interface helps in communication between applications. Building custom workflows for automation helps us connect any applications and sync data between any applications that you have access to iSQUARE helps you automate your business requirements using online automation tools such as Aapi, Zapier and Integromat.

We are working on aapi project which is an online automation tool like Zapier & integromat. It allows users to build their own flows online and to convert the tasks into applications. We have implemented cool features on it like App drawers, Marketplaces and Workflow Builders.


Online Automation Tools

iSQUARE has dedicated team for Scripting & Online automations using various automation tools available online like Zapier & Integromat. Here are some Automation Tools & Applications we are using the most for Automation process.

iSQUARE helps you analyze your full business flows and finds what parts can be automated using these online automation tools. This will increase productivity & reliability when we automate our things.

Case Studies


Multiple Store updates via SMS notifications for Zam Zam

Customer has multiple branches and Software will work offline all times, But Management needs to see the overall store's sales updates on their phone.... READ MORE


Real-Time Chat server with Payment gateway for Space 3

Client needed real-time chat screen with notifications as well as a payment tracking screen on a single UI, without being be messed up or interrupting the speed. They also wanted to handle money transactions & failures..... READ MORE

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iSQUARE, the developer, is a great problem solver. He will consistently update the progress and seek clarification to make sure that the software meet the expectation. Great time working with him to complete the development. I will engage him again for additional jobs in the future.

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