Dedicated Development

Why Choose Dedicated Development?

Whether it is one person or a team of technology professionals you need, we help you with it. With the experience of working with more than 50 customers, iSQUARE is a hub for technology experts who will help you and your teams to solve your business problems through our IT Staff augmentation model.

iSQUARE is a leading offshore software development company with extensive experience across various domains. Our group of seasoned software developers have rich expertise in building the solutions you need. With a proven process from hiring to training and deploying them, we ensure you only get the best minds to work for you. Whether building your development team from scratch, adding additional hands to existing projects, or moving from a different vendor, our process is seamless and effective.

Engagement Models


Dedicated development team

If you are a startup looking to build a technology solution but finding it difficult to hire, train, and retain developers, designers, and quality analysts, then our dedicated team model is for you.​ In this model, you can hire an entire team, and a dedicated project manager, who will be your single point of contact. We provide you the flexibility to interview and choose the resources from our talent pool, based on your requirement.


Time & Material Model

This model is very useful for you if you are unsure of the number of resources and the time for which you will need them is not certain. Also, projects with a continuously evolving scope would also benefit from the T&M model. You can ramp up/down the team as you go. You are only charged for the period our resources are utilized by you.


Offshore development team

If you are looking to engage a trusted technology partner who can own and execute your projects end-to-end, our offshore development team model is the best fit for you. We ensure that our team is in complete alignment with your expectations, internal policies, standards and guidelines that you don’t even feel that you have an outsourced team. We constantly train our teams on technologies, process, and domains so we can quickly provide resources as you need them.

How iSQUARE Can Assist Your Business in Finding the Best Developers?

 Your Business in Finding the Best Developers?

Why You Should Hire Dedicated Developers from iSQUARE?

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Experienced & Highly Skilled Developers

For your specific requirements, we provide qualified and experienced developers.

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Strictly Adhered to NDA

When you want to share confidential documents with your dedicated team then, you should need NDA. NDA helps to prevent them from sharing your information legally.

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Budget-friendly Hiring Models

Our developers provide fair market rates for every project we work on.

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Quick Replacement

Whenever there is a problem with a developer, we will be able to easily replace him.

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Complete Security

Our company is a security complaints company and operates in a secure environment. Hence, there is no need to worry about security.

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24/7 Support

Our clients come from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India, and we support them at any time of the day or night.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the work we do for our clients because we place their satisfaction first.

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Easy Communication

If you are interested in connecting with us at any time, you can reach us via LinkedIn, Whatsapp, or Email easily.

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Multiple Skillsets

We offer a wide range of skilled developers to suit your needs. We also provide developers with the current trending technologies.

Our Dedicated Hiring Services

 React.js Developer
React.js Developer
 Angular Developer
Angular Developer
 iOS Developer
iOS Developer
 Android Developer
Android Developer
 React Native Developer
React Native Developer
 Node Developer
Node Developer
 Java Developer
Java Developer
 Python Developer
Python Developer
 .Net developer
.Net Developer
 Salesforce developer
Salesforce Developer
 QA test developer
QA Testing Developer
 Laravel developer
Laravel Developer
 Golang developer
Golang Developer
 Wordpress developer
WordPress Developer
 MEAN stack developer
MEAN Stack Developer
 MERN stack developer
MERN Stack Developer
 Magento developer
Magento Developer
 UI/UX designer
UI/UX Designer

Our Hiring Models

 Full-time hiring

Full-time Hiring

 duration Duration : 8 hrs/Day

 Billing Billing : Monthly

 Communication Communication : Email, Call, & WhatsApp

 Hourly hiring

Hourly Hiring

 Billing Billing : Monthly

 Communication Communication : Email, Call, & WhatsApp



Do you sign NDA?

As soon as the candidate is selected, an NDA will be signed with both companies' signature authority.

How can I communicate with developers?

The developer can be contacted by using the client portal or a telephone number will be provided after the basic formalities have been completed.

What is the process for hiring a dedicated developer?

An NDA and SOW will be signed after the interview, and basic information like the developer's Aadhar card and phone number will be provided. Developers can join the clients' portal when they are onboarded.

What about your security?

Information about the client and the developer will not be shared or published without the representative's consent.

What about your support?

On a daily basis, there will be mutual coordination between clients and developers regarding their work.

What is the contract period?

According to the duration of the client's project, which will be informed in advance, the basic contract period will be 6 months to 12 months.

What about your payment terms?

Payment is made within 15 to 20 working days of the invoice being raised on the 1st of every month.

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