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Why Choose Our Mobile App Development Services?

With over 7 billion mobile users around the world and an ever increasing amount of revenue through mobile apps, it goes without saying that mobile apps must be part of your solution strategy.

Our expert team just does not believe in delivering quality, apps, but extraordinary user experiences. Our app development services help you stand out in your space.

We always focus on human-centric experiences for your mobile solutions. So we develop them with a proven combination of a clear strategy backed by our versatile UX services and latest technologies.

Our Strength

We provide various high quality services including Hybrid & Native Mobile applications development, Web applications development and UI/UX Design Services.


UX driven

All our apps start and end with user experience. Our experts have the necessary the skills to create exceptional mobile experiences for your customers.



We help develop apps across all the popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Native, based on your target audience demographics.



More mobile the solutions are, the greater the risk of breaches. So we have made security as the foundation layer of all our apps.

Why Partner With Us on Mobile App Development?

Rich UI/UX

Rich UI/UX

App’s design are the first look to the clients which gives the best impression. We provide rich UI/UX for all our clients.

Rich UI/UX

Top Quality

All of us expect the high performance mobile apps. iSQUARE builds top-class mobile apps with the latest technologies for your business.

Rich UI/UX

On Time Delivery

We can certainly promise the on-time delivery for any projects we take up from our clients. We allocate dedicated team of developers for each of our project for on-time delivery.

Rich UI/UX

Independent Teams

We have independent teams of experienced Designers, Developers(Android/iOS), Testers, Dev-Ops and Servers.

Rich UI/UX

Cutting Edge Technology

We use a wide range of cutting edge technologies for Mobile App Development.

Rich UI/UX

Cost Effective

We bring customer’s ideas into realization. We help build application to our customers with their expected budget.

Rich UI/UX

Trending Methodology

We follow the most widely used and the latest methodology AGILE for our mobile app development process.

Rich UI/UX

Continuous Support

We also provide support and maintenance after launching the apps in the respective stores as per the client’s needs.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX

Android App Development

We expertise in hybrid & Native app development. We are a team of experienced app developers in the latest technologies. We build secure, custom, robust and holistic mobile apps for your business.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX

iOS App Development

Our iOS team follow the latest technology and we do work on other tech stack based on the client’s request. We have been serving our clients for the past 6 years in providing the best solutions for our clients. We identify what are your business needs and deliver the customized & innovative iOS apps.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX

Mobile UI/UX App Designs

UI/UX plays an important role in mobile app development. It helps users to know how their apps are going to turn out. Our UI/UX designers have around 10+ years of experience in app design. Mobile apps with creative UX / UI design build trust and increase engagement.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App is an innovative platform that provides better browsing and user experience. We provide user friendly, useful and secured progressive web applications design and development services.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX

Native App Development

Native mobile app has the best performance and is more speedy when compared with the hybrid applications. Our team of expertise builds innovative native apps with the high retention of clients in our both Android & iOS applications.

Rich UI/UX

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are built by our developers using Swift, PhoneGap, & Ionic frameworks and single code that runs both Android & iOS. Hybrid apps are cost effective and needs lesser time for the development when compared to the native app development.

Our Working Process


Requirement Analyses

  • Understand your business requirements
  • Plan for your projects
  • Provide ideas from our sides

UX/UI Design

  • Visualizing the prototype
  • Sketch the wireframes
  • Design the projects


  • Check the design
  • Coding the projects
  • Examine the compatibility


  • Testing the code
  • Beta Version
  • Demo the project to the client


  • Quality check
  • Security check
  • Launch the application

Support & Maintenance

  • 24/7 support
  • Support after deployment
  • Maintenance services(AMC)

Success Stories

We iSQUARE have 40+ clients across the worldwide. See what our clients say about our support & other services

Technologies We Work With

iSQUARE Business Solution Private Limited - Mobile App Development Company in Madurai. Our team mainly focuses on Hybrid Mobile application over Native mobile app development. It is cost-effective, it has all features of the web, and powerful like real native applications.

Mobile App Development

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How much time will it take for a mobile app to develop?

It depends up on your project requirements (Features & Design). Normally it would take 1 month to develop a simple app and a complex app can take up to 10 months.

Can you build both Android & iOS App?

Yes, we can help you with developing both Android & iOS Apps.

Will You Sign an NDA for the App You’re Developing?

Yes, we will sign NDAs while we are developing your mobile app.

What are the different type of Mobile apps you can develop?

    We can develop Native & Hybrid mobile apps.

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