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What is CRM Software Development?

The term “CRM” stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software is a business solution that allows businesses to organize their business operations by providing them with a centralized database to enhance customer experience. With a well-crafted CRM software, businesses can effortlessly manage customer data such as purchase history, enquiries, conversion status, and so on.

Various businesses are building their own CRM software to make the most out of opportunities to elevate customer satisfaction. Our exquisite CRM software comes with all indispensable features and functionalities to aid business nurture leads, boost customer retention, and improve business productivity.

How Our CRM Software Helps Different Businesses?



Healthcare CRM is specifically designed to simplify the process of hospitals or other healthcare industries by helping them store or manage patient data, enhance service, collaborate multiple departments, auto-generate reports and analytics with Custom CRM Development Company



Our Custom CRM software development is used for retail business and is built with many distinctive features to track, analyze, and maintain customer data. CRM software development for the retail sector helps the retail business owners to provide their customers with great satisfaction, exceptional customer support, and enhanced customer retention.



Maintaining Custom CRM software development for online store helps ecommerce business owners to evaluate customer behavior, increase sales, boost email marketing campaigns, better inventory management, offer long term customer support, and maintain brand consistency.



Our Custom CRM software development serves as an astonishing tool for educational institutions like schools and colleges to amplify their admission and joining process. With fully featured educational CRM by our custom crm development company and educational institutes can manage entire databases with a single software.


Real Estate

CRM software development helps Real Estate to capture, track, and manage property leads from their clients. CRM for real estate helps realtors by organizing data about leads and customers, sending and tracking follow-up messages and reminders, integrating messaging tools, and analyzing reports.


Transports/ Logistics

CRM software development Services for transport and logistics help the transportation businesses to organize their workflow of warehouse, transport and finance by helping them provide the finest service for their customers. Our Custom CRM software development will help to boost the relationship with their customers.



Our Custom CRM Development Company Provides Hotel CRM software development services helps hospitality industries to access guests' information, boost customer relationship, automate communication, and generate report instantly. With this hotel businesses can customize the experience of every guest by using our Custom CRM Software.



Our CRM Software Development helps insurance companies to manage interactions with existing and new clients. The Insurance CRM helps businesses keep track of contact management, policy management, and automate marketing activities.


Consulting Services

Our custom CRM software development helps consulting service businesses to strengthen communication, provide actionable insights, and saves time enormously. Also, it helps consulting services to smoothen their daily business operations


Legal Industry

CRM Software Development for legal firms like law firms and corporate advisories to track the performance of their firm, access real-time client data, organize priority tasks, send follow-up reminders and improve client relationships.


Non-Profitable Organizations

Our Custom CRM software development helps Nonprofit organizations to track, collect, and manage essential data regarding donor, employees, and volunteers. This helps NGOs and nonprofit organizations to build more trust and engage relationships with donors and maintain their data effective way.



CRM Software Development for travel agencies helps travel business owners to provide their customers with more customized services to meet their expectations. Also, it helps them to track every step of their sales journey, promote productivity, manage deals, offers, and packages by Our Custom CRM software development.

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CRM isn't Just a Business Strategy, It's the Lifeblood That Fuels Thriving Business!

At iSQUARE, we understand that cultivating and nurturing best customer relationships stands as a strong cornerstone of sustainable success.

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Key Features in our CRM Software Development

Rich UI/UX

Contact Management

Efficiently organize and manage all your customer contacts in one centralized database

Rich UI/UX

Lead Tracking

Track and capture lead from various sources, helping you identify potential customers.

Rich UI/UX

Sales Pipeline Management

Automate your sales process, from lead to conversion with user-friendly dashboard that helps decision making.

Rich UI/UX

Task and Calendar Management

Schedule appointments, set reminders, and manage tasks for your sales and support teams.

Rich UI/UX

Email Integration

Seamlessly integrate with email platforms to track communication history and send emails directly from the CRM.

Rich UI/UX

Reporting and Analytics

Access in-depth reports and analytics to gain insights into sales performance and customer behavior.

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Tailor the CRM to your business needs with customizable fields, forms, and workflows.

Rich UI/UX


Automate routine tasks, notifications, and follow-ups to save time and reduce manual work.

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Document Management

Store and share documents, contracts, and other files within the CRM for easy access.

Rich UI/UX

Customer Support Ticketing

Manage customer inquiries and issues through a ticketing system for efficient support.

Rich UI/UX

Role-Based Access Control

Control who can access and edit CRM data with role-based permissions.

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Integration with Third-party Application

Connect your CRM with other essential business tools like accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Our CRM Software Development Process

The development process for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system typically involves several key steps:

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX

Requirements Gathering

Understand the specific needs and goals of the business, as well as the features and functionality required in the CRM system.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX


Create a detailed project plan that outlines timelines, budgets, and resources. Define the scope of the CRM system and set clear objectives.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX


Design the user interface and database structure. Determine how data will be captured, stored, and accessed.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX


Build the CRM system based on the design specifications. This may involve coding, database development, and integration with other systems.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX


Thoroughly test the CRM system to identify and fix any bugs or issues. Ensure that it meets the defined requirements and functions as expected.

Rich UI/UX Rich UI/UX


Deploy the CRM system to the production environment. This may involve data migration and configuration.

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Maintenance and Support

Provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the CRM system continues to operate smoothly. This may include updates, bug fixes, and user support.

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We Craft CRM Solution with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Being the finest software development company, we take pride in our innovative approach of crafting top-notch CRM Software development solutions. Our commitment to delivering excellence in enterprise resource planning is underpinned by a robust and state-of-the-art technology stack.

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Got questions? We have answers!

How much does it cost to build a CRM?

The cost of building a custom CRM software varies based on various factors such as type of business, features and functionalities of the software, technologies used, and many more. If you have an idea of building CRM Software Development for your business, discuss your business requirements with our expert team to know the exact cost.

Why business needs CRM?

For any business, CRM is a time-saving productivity tool that helps the businesses to guide them throughout the entire process of sales right from acquiring a lead, converting into a customer, and closing the deal.Also, it aids businesses to centralize customer information and reduce manual efforts extensively.

What are the three types of CRM?

    There are three different types of CRM that focuses on specific functionalities based on business type and management of customer relations. It includes:

      1. Analytical CRM

      It mainly focuses on simplifying customer management by automating business process.

      2. Operational CRM

      The fundamental aim of CRM helps to generate leads and convert them into customers.

      3. Collaborative CRM

      Helps to share customer data among various departments within an organisation

Why should you choose iSQUARE for CRM development?

    Our meticulously crafted custom CRM software development helps you to build an astounding CRM application with all essential features. Also, you can include additional features based on your business needs. So, automating your business operations will not be a tough job with our robust CRM software solution.

What is the difference between ERP and CRM?

    CRM “Customer Relationship Management” is a software solution that is designed and developed to help businesses manage their relationship with customers efficiently. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software tool that serves as an ideal platform to manage and track daily activities of business which include accounting, resource management, employee activity, inventory management, and so on.

Does CRM supports integration with other software applications?

    An efficient and custom CRM software development supports business to integrate with other software applications based on the requirement of businesses. So, ensure to opt for CRM solution from leading CRM software development company.

Why CRM is important for b2b?

    CRM software development helps B2B businesses to manage sales process, enhance email marketing campaigns, prepare and send quotes to your clients, generate reports instantly, and handle post-sale process. The sales cycle can be automated effectively with interrelated features to move your leads effectively and increase conversion rate.

How does Our CRM software development helps small businesses?

    As your business is developing gradually, you don't have to depend on multiple spreadsheets to maintain and keep track of your customer data. Moreover, it is a time-consuming task to manually research and prepare reports with typical spreadsheets and word documents. With custom CRM software development, you can seamlessly integrate all customer data within a single software. Also, you can effortlessly generate customized reports on business performance, customer sales, lead and conversion status, and so on.

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