We Design. We Develop.

On-Time Delivery

Our highly professional team delivers your product at the promised time.

We Design. We Develop.

International Standards

We use highly advanced technologies on par with the latest in the world.

We Design. We Develop.

Reliable Customer Support

Our helpful team of experts are always available to resolve your queries.

About Us

Who We are

iSquare Business Services is a high-performing, enthusiastic team that delivers on every project we take up with impeccable quality. We offer all web-based solutions that you may need. Our ability to understand the client’s needs, market trends and in-depth knowledge of computing ensures your product is delivered on par with international standards.

Our dedicated support staff ensure all your needs are catered to.

We set our objectives high and work tirelessly to achieve them. From securing relevant industry certifications, achieving compliance to offering the best in Data Analysis and Data Security options, our services are constantly improving.

Our Services

At iSquare Business Services, we provide end-to end solutions for all your web development needs. Our team of highly experienced professionals ensures your concerns are addressed across various verticals.

Our Technology

  • All
  • Web
  • Mobile APPS
  • Desktop APPS

Our Process

The mark of a successful team is its ability to set high goals and meet them as per schedule. At iSquare Business Services, your project is of high priority to us. We ensure the product development life cycle is followed, ensuring a timely, high-quality and efficient delivery to you.

Foundational KNWL
A strong grip on foundational concepts helps build successful projects.
Concepts & Prototypes
Immense brainstorming goes into building concepts and prototypes before development.
Usability Evaluation
The product is tested rigorously for usability, keeping in mind the end-user.
Projects are deployed once they are perfected carefully.
Extreme care and focus go into developing a successful and useful product.
Interaction Design
Our interactive product designs are highly user-friendly.

Why Choose Us

Cloud Computing
Our team is equipped to handle advanced cloud computing projects, with ease and experience.
Well Structured code
The mark of a good coder is their well-structured code. Our coders follow international norms for all our codes.
High Level process
A robust, detailed and well-chalked out process helps us build the best products.
User friendly design
Good design makes everything work. Our sensible designs ensure your product is highly user-friendly.
Dedicated Support
A dedicated customer service personnel is available round the clock for all your queries and concerns.

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