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About us

Company Overview​

  • iSQUARE is a global IT consulting services provider with focus on delivering value to clients through end-to-end, futuristic, and cost-effective solutions. We have been the trusted partner to several small, medium and large companies for over 6 years. We enabling businesses to overcome critical business challenges through technology.
  • With extensive experience in providing solutions for complex business problems, we have become a trusted IT partner for our.
  • iSQUARE’s offers a wide range of technology offerings including Web/Mobile applications, Cloud, DevOps, Enterprise applications, and UI/UX Services.
SaaS App Development

ISO Certified Company

iSQUARE Business Solution Private Limited is an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company. The ISO certificate is used all over the world as a sign of quality and reliability in the business. This can help companies build customer trust and improve their competitiveness in the market.

Indian Achievers Awards

Our Philosophy​

SaaS App Development

We understand that your success depends on being different. That’s why our services and solutions are tailored to your needs. All our engagements are contextual, and deeply collaborative.​

What do we do​​

Our CRM Services
Our CRM Services

Our Process​​

Our CRM Services


At iSQUARE we mostly follow agile process model & water flow process model for all kind of projects. We do support other development models too.

Foundational KNWL

A strong grip on foundational concepts helps build successful projects


Concepts & Prototypes

Immense brainstorming goes into building concepts and prototypes before development.


Usability Evaluation

The product is tested rigorously for usability, keeping in mind the end-user.






Projects are deployed
once they are perfected carefully.



Extreme care and focus go into developing a successful and useful product.


Interaction Design

Our interactive product designs are highly user-friendly.



What’s your Mission?

Providing cutting-edge IT solutions, incorporating technologies, and empowering clients to run a data-centric organization, resulting in phenomenal growth in their business.

What’s your Vision?

iSQUARE aspires to create a win-win-win situation with our clients and employees by delivering on time and with exceptional quality.

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