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Managing your hearing aid business operations especially with multiple branches, is never a tough job with a feature-packed software solution from iSQUARE

Hearing Aid Softwaret
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What is the hypothesis behind hearing aid software?

Hearing aid software is a type of software that is specially designed for the hearing aid sector. This software attracts hearing care business owners proving this to be a next-gen and futuristic workflow that can yield massive revenue.

How Does Hearing Aid Software Help to
Automate Your Business?

Rich UI/UX

1. Centralized Customer Database

Provides a centralized database to store and manage customer information that substantially reduces manual works.

Top Quality

2. Lead Management

Enables effective lead management by categorizing leads from different sources, tracking lead status, and follow-up status.

On Time Delivery

3. Sales Process Automation

Facilitates to create sales pipelines, sales activity tracking, and other sales automation features like sending email/ SMS notifications.

Independent Teams

4. Order Management

Integrating with the order management system and automating activities like order processing, order entry, and tracking order status.

Cutting Edge Technology

5. Customer Service and Support

Supports operations like tracking customer inquiries, and assign and progress support tickets for efficient customer support.

Cost Effective

6. Marketing Automation

Allows to track marketing campaigns by providing support for email marketing, lead nurturing, and customer segmenting process.

Trending Methodology

7. Reporting and Analytics

Provides reports and analytics by manifesting real-time customizable dashboards, and reports to escalate exemplary decision-making.

Continuous Support

8. Integration with ERP and Other Systems

Facilitates the benefit to integrate ERP to accumulate your hearing aid business process across various departments by synchronizing data.

Continuous Support

9. Service Tracking Module

Enables to track service requests, assigning technical experts, scheduling appointments, and tracking the service progress.

Continuous Support

10. Testing and Trial Management

Facilitates option to manage trial details, scheduling appointments, tracking product availability and track product testing and trial progress.

Gain Competitive Advantage in Your
Hearing Aid Business

Without Automation Software

Without CRM

With Automation Software

With CRM
❌   Manual execution of marketing campaigns. ✅   Automated marketing campaigns, and segmentation.
❌   Finite capabilities for lead nurturing and personalization. ✅   Lead nurturing through automated workflows.
❌   Time-consuming efforts on manual segmentation. ✅   Instant and efficient customer segmentation.
❌   Bounded performance tracking and analytics. ✅   Futuristic performance analysis and tracking
❌   High dependency for gathering customer database manually ✅   Centralized database with detailed customer profiles.
❌   Lack of automated ticket routing. ✅   Automated ticket routing and escalation.

View of Our Astounding Hearing Care Software

Top Business Ready Features of Our
Hearing Care Software

7+ Years of Industry Experience
Doctor Incentive Report
15+ Years of Developer Experience
Conversion report
Professional Domain Expertise
Complete Client History
Awesome UX/UI Design
Client follow-up Reminders
Fully Customized Website Design
Real-time Inventory Report
100% Fully Responsive
Service Tracking
Amazing Coding Standards
Overall dashboard
Easy to Manage Admin
Daybook Report
Payment Gateway Integration
Purchase/ Sales History
On-Time Delivery
Branch Wise Report

Complementary Benefits Provided by iSQUARE
Hearing Care Software

Multiple Branch Support

Multiple User Support

Custom Printout Support

Customized SMS Integration

Soundtracks of Success Experience With iSQUARE

Get to know the experience of the customers on working with iSQUARE to build tailor-made software for their hearing care business.


1. Do we support third party integration?

Yes, we support third party integration according to your needs.

2. What are the technologies we expertise related to software development?

Angular, Node js

3. How secure is your data or customer data with our Software?

As we host the software on your server, your software will be highly secured and free from data breach or hacks.

4. How we offer support?

    We offer post launch support up to one week after your software becomes live. However, if you have subscribed with AMC, we will provide support up to one year.

5. How does our software support your business?

    We ultimately aim to help business to obtain new customers, generate more leads, and strengthen customer relationship.

6. How many users can utilize our Software?

    There are no limitations on user count. Based on your business requirement, you can add multiple users.

7. How our software solution is unique from others?

    Our software is highly customized and user-friendly in the way that even ground level staffs could easily understand the process. Furthermore, we provide advanced analytics/ reporting and seamless third-party integration if required.

8. How to reach us?

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