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At iSQUARE you can find a developer from our team who can create a finished product that matches your vision.

Developer based development

Create a useful website and web application which is well-structured and user-friendly and must for businesses. Clients can avail single developer or a developer team based on their need.

Billing period is reset every calendar month. iSQUARE sets minimum fixed price for single developer per calendar month.

Developer based billing is best suitable for both Agile & Water fall model developments.


Developer Based Details

iSQUARE will assign required number of dedicated developers the clients based on their needs. The worklogs will be submitted to clients at end of every months.

  • Billing fixed price monthly
  • Agile & Water fall model
  • Lower Monthly Rates
  • Extended Support for Production
  • 30+ Hours per week
  • Available on IST day time
  • Timesheet Report
  • Daily Standup Meeting

Developer based contracts includes Project Analyzing, Planning, UI Designing, UI Prototyping, Implementation, Testing, Documentation of the Website or Web Application.

Case Studies


Real-Time Chat server with Payment gateway for Space 3

Client needed real-time chat screen with notifications as well as a payment tracking screen on a single UI, without being be messed up or interrupting the speed. They also wanted to handle money transactions & failures..... READ MORE


Multiple Store updates via SMS notifications for Zam Zam

Customer has multiple branches and Software will work offline all times, But Management needs to see the overall store's sales updates on their phone.... READ MORE

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Mujeeb Rahman

It was immense pleasure in working with you for the past 4 years. We are really satisfied with your product and services. Sharing mutual knowledge about the process is an added advantage.

Thank you so much for your support.!

Jumbo Foods " Managing Partner "
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