Opt-in Workflow Automation Solutions - Use Cases

Use case 1: Extracting information from emails

Automation helps to transfer the information from emails to a Google Sheet. It reads the emails, classifies them based on content, extracts key details from the emails and stores them securely in a Google Sheet.

Use case 2: Drafting an email with information stored in Google Sheet

Automate the email drafting process. Utilize AI to retrieve the stored information from Google Sheet, process and format the data as an email. This email is automatically sent to the intended recipient and if required attachments can be sent with the email.

Use case 3: Review management

Collect reviews for a specific service/product from different platforms and store it in one single document. Send replies automatically to each review.

Use case 4: Add new emails to existing email list

Automatically collect emails from several communication channels. Segregate them and add them to the existing list stored in Google Sheet,

Use case 5: Project management

Automation provides real-time updates about all projects including the status. Collect and store details about each process in the same document and provide viewing access to relevant staff.

Use case 6: Automate reminders for doctor visits

Send text messages or email reminders to patients for appointments. Scheduling appointments automatically according to patient needs and doctor availability reduces no-shows.

Use case 7: Processing claims on time

Reduce delays in claim processing by automating data extraction from bills and routing claims for approval.

Use case 8: Automated onboarding and offboarding

Streamline onboarding by automating tasks like account creation and system access setup. Similarly, automate offboarding tasks like equipment return and access revocation.

Use case 9: Production scheduling

Automate production scheduling based on real-time inventory levels and order fulfillment requirements.

Use case 10: Automated document approvals

Documents can be automatically sent to relevant departments for approval based on predefined rules and user roles.

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