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Manufacturing success depends on better planning, a customer-centric approach, agility and response to market demands. Our manufacturing automation solutions are engineered to attain manufacturing by overcoming the most common challenges by integrating smart automation solutions.

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Our Popular Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Enhance manufacturing efficiency by automating repetitive tasks on the shop floor. RPA bots can handle data entry in manufacturing execution systems (MES), update inventory levels, generate bills of materials (BOMs), and manage routine quality control tasks.

Business Process Automation

Streamline and integrate your manufacturing workflows to optimize production. BPA solutions can automate tasks like scheduling production runs, managing work order flow, and integrating with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Digital Process Automation

Leverage AI and machine learning to transform and optimize your manufacturing processes. DPA solutions can analyze real-time production data to identify inefficiencies, predict equipment failures, and recommend process adjustments.

Manufacturing Automation: Conquering Challenges
& Streamlining Departments

Dealing with the Gap in Skills

Automate repetitive tasks done manually so that they concentrate on other activities of higher value that require specific skills and knowledge, which helps address the manufacturing skills gap by enabling a smaller workforce to manage a larger production volume.

Less Time and Money for Onboarding

Automated training modules for new hires will offer them consistent and efficient onboarding experiences. It reduces traditional training methods’ associated onboarding time and cost.

Better Employee Safety

Implement automated safety protocols and monitoring systems to minimize workplace accidents and injuries. This fosters safer work environment, reduced worker downtime, and lower insurance costs.

Performance Management Driven by Data

Use data from automated systems to objectively track key performance indicators (KPIs). This allows for data-driven performance reviews, targeted training programs, and improved employee engagement.

Cost Reductions

Implement real-time inventory tracking with automatic reorder triggers to optimize stock levels and prevent overstocking or stockouts. This will reduce wastages, decrease costs, and enhance overall inventory management efficiency.

Increased Quality of Production

Integrate automation technique with quality control systems to detect defects and adjust processing automatically. This reduces the number of defective parts manufactured, lowers the scrap rate, and minimizes manufacturing costs.

Better Efficiency of Supply Chain and High Visibility

Automate direct communication and data exchange with suppliers for efficient deliveries besides just-in-time (JIT) inventory management. It further improves the lead times, thereby reducing disruptions and increasing overall supply chain efficiency.

Accurate Production Costing and Financial Planning

Automate data collection from different sources to make real-time production cost calculations possible. In addition, this approach enables more informed decisions, accurate financial projections as well as a better budgeting process.

Targeted Product Marketing

Use production data and customer understanding to tailor marketing campaigns around produced products and specific audience requirements. This ensures focused messaging, drives greater marketing return on investment (ROI), and produces sales-ready leads.

Automated Content Creation

Auto-generate product specification, data sheets, and marketing materials directly from your real-time production data using automation integrated with marketing platforms. This reduces your content creation workload, which is particularly useful to ensure all information stays up-to-date and you can launch campaigns as needed.

Use of Data in Marketing Optimization

Report on the success of marketing efforts across multiple channels by analyzing data from automated systems. It grants data-driven marketing optimization, better marketing ROI and focused targeting lead generation efforts.

Simplified Product Introduction Communication

Leverage marketing automation solutions to keep target audiences in the loop with real-time production announcements and product launches. This creates demand, creates a pre-sale fever, and launches new products onto the market.

Faster Quote Generation

Integrate automation with product configurators and quoting systems to generate accurate and timely quotes. This streamlines the sales cycle, reduces lead times, and improves customer satisfaction.

Post-Sales Support

Utilize automated parts ordering systems and knowledge base chatbots to address basic customer inquiries after a sale. This frees up sales representatives to focus on complex customer interactions and provides efficient post-sales support.

Predictive Maintenance

Utilize data from automated systems to predict equipment failures and schedule preventive maintenance. This minimizes unplanned downtime, ensures production continuity, and allows sales teams to meet customer delivery deadlines.

Product Visibility

Analyze data from automated systems to identify production trends, high-demand products, and potential customer needs. This empowers sales teams with data-driven sales strategies, optimizes product offerings, and improves sales forecasting accuracy.


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Opt-In Solutions from Real-time Use Cases

Use case 1: Real-Time Quality Control

Customers receive defective products because quality check misses the mark.


Automated defect detection systems with machine vision check for flaws instantly.


75% reduction in customer support calls related to malfunctioning or wrong parts.

Use Case 2: Predictive Maintenance

Production hitches and late deliveries happen when there is no prior knowledge of equipment failures that are unscheduled.


Predictive maintenance is involved in sensor data driven by machine learning, which foresees breakdowns before they occur.


This has resulted into an 80% decrease in product failure rates in the field, leading to fewer support calls for trouble-shooting and repairs.

Use Case 3: Automated Order Tracking

Customer service gets confused and delayed due to manual order tracking.


Customer support must be integrated with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) so as to enable real time tracking of orders.


With this initiative, there was a reduction in customer service calls on order status by 50%.

Use Case 4: AI-Powered Chatbots

Long wait times occur when support agents are overwhelmed by repetitive queries.


AI chat bots answer frequently asked questions and guide customers through simple troubleshooting steps.


Empowering self-service options lead to faster resolution times for customer inquiries by about 30%.

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