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Ours is a leading web development company that offer high-end web development services for diverse features

Web and Mobile App Development

We take pride in designing web and mobile app with some of the best available mobile interfaces. Our team of experts know exactly how to make an app joyous and what to ensure to make it look better.

Often referred as a web app, a web application is an interactive computer program built using web technologies. At iSquare , our web development team builds web applications using various technologies supporting all the desktop applications.

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API Automation

API - Application Programming Interface helps in communication between applications. Building custom workflows for automation helps us connect any applications and sync data between any applications that you have access to. iSquare helps you automate your business requirements using online automation tools such as Aapi, Zapier and Integromat.

We are working on aapi project which is an online automation tool like Zapier & integromat. It allows users to build their own flows online and to convert the tasks into applications.


Project Based Development

iSquare analyzes your entire business needs and convert it into a new software model or product that will perfectly fit into your business and help increasing your productivity.

We usually follow water fall model for project based development and number of employees are typically grouped and measured by the effort put-forth.

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Developer Based Development

Create a useful web application which is well-structured, user-friendly and must for businesses. Clients can avail single developer or a developer team based on their need.

Billing period is reset every calendar month. iSquare sets minimum fixed price for single developer per calendar month.


Hourly Based Development

We offer very lower rates for the project having duration longer than a month and we provide extended support for currently on going projects.

Our dedicated developers will be assigned to clients when the agreement starts. clients can have direct contacts and meetings with developers regarding the work.

Hourly based development is most preferred for Agile methodology.

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