Payroll Management System

Solution Brief

Our Payroll Management System, is a high-performance Indian payroll system for the SME and MSME sectors. The solution was developed as a result of business owners' recognising the importance of tracking not only purchases and sales but all business finances in order to run a successful business.

The most obvious and promising option for the payroll system is its overall payroll management. And the significant benefit is the automated calculation of wages on a predetermined schedule. This functionality is highly required and must be manually configured. However, once configured, the system can run the payroll process with little or no effort from you other than occasional customizations.

payroll management system

About The Client

Hyatt Clothing Co has 300+ shirt manufacturing employees to produce an average of 2000 shirts per day. They are a seasonal shirt manufacturer and their brand is called "Expose," which is partnered with the top clothing brands in South India. They offer a wide variety of men’s shirts in a range of fabrics and materials.

Client Requirements

Our clients wanted to manage their finances and employee data since they were working with a lot of businesses. Their main purpose was to manage the salary calculation at the end of each month. This also includes the need for the tax deduction and information about ESI and PF for both the employees and employer. To make the salary calculation more effective, they also needed a system that tracks the attendance of all the employees. As a result, to maintain all these requirements, they needed a high-performance and fully customized payroll system.

Fortunately for accounting and human resources departments, a payroll system can handle the majority of the heavy lifting in terms of payroll. There isn't much a payroll system can't do for you, from storing basic employee information to keeping you up to date on the most recent tax laws.

We initiated this project because our iSQUARE Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience in developing fully functional and customized solutions for businesses.

Technologies We Used

  • Angular
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Project Highlights

  • Salary Calculation
  • Planned & Unplanned Leave Calculation
  • Attendance Entry
  • Leave Ratio
  • Salary Consumption per Designation
  • Salary Consumption per Department
  • Multi Branches
  • Bonus Calculation
  • Employee Profile Creation/Updation
  • Salary Report

Our Approach

iSQUARE has a dedicated team of Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Project Manager, Technical Architect, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Tester, and DevOps to work on this solution. We began our tasks after receiving a clear list of requirements from the clients in order to create the best product.

As a result, the most important task that a payroll system performs is accurately calculating paychecks. Our payroll system can easily update the number of hours worked, consider the rate of pay, and calculate how much an employee should be paid for the payment period. This is what our clients want too. They need the entire process to be simplified and to take care of their employees.

After the completion of all the implementation of the Payroll System, the project team will hand over the project to the support team. And the support team takes care of all subjects and clarifications from there to make the workflow simpler.

Final Result

Payroll Management System was developed successfully with all the required specifications that meet the client's demand. Our payroll solution can be used effectively with the built-in functionalities.

The main purpose of the Payroll Management System is to calculate the end-of-month salary for all the employees. With the help of a payroll solution, they can also calculate tax deduction, ESI/PF, and come up with the salary that should be given.

The main advantage that makes the salary calculation easy is the employee attendance system. A payroll and attendance tracking system eliminates all of the hassles that come with tracking employee timesheets.

Planned leave, unplanned leave, sick leave, hours worked, overtime, on duty, half-day, and other factors can all be tracked by this payroll management system. It can then seamlessly sync this information in order to process payroll efficiently.

Other than this, they can easily manage their finances with the help of the reporting function. Here, they can filter the data and analyze the salary consumption of each designation and department separately. Also, one can find the salary details till date for the current month. The client can also get a salary report from multiple branches within this system.

Every data and details are under master control, so only the responsible person can view what is needed. With this Payroll Management System, they can create and update your employee profile and store it in the cloud. In the salary report, they can find the gross salary and also the net salary after deduction.

The Payroll Management System can also be integrated into biometrics software, tally, and can integrate with all widely used applications.

Client Impact

Our client noticed a major development in their business after the use of our Payroll Management System. Since the system is completely a cloud-based solution, it can prevent data loss. With the help of automatic backup, all the files and data will be stored securely. The system requires no reinstallation, which made their process much better.

Our client ditched excel sheets that took all their time and energy to maintain payroll. Our payroll solution is now aiding them with the easy process of budget management, time-saving, and also maintaining multiple branches under the same system.

Do you want to scale your business performance and revenue with the help of a Payroll System just like this? Dedicate this task to iSQUARE and relax.

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I would really say, iSQUARE has converted Hyatt from "People driven" to "Process driven" company which inturn increased our Productivity and Business growth. Thanks for your dedication and commitment.

Hyatt Clothing Co " Managing Director "
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