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How to Hire and Manage Remote Developers for Supply Chain

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With technology evolving at a breakneck speed in the supply chain industry, there is a huge demand for developers who can support businesses in developing and maintaining software solutions.

The first pillar of success for any company undergoing digital transformation is its software development team. The rule of survival in today’s competitive logistics space is that only those software solutions that offer the best user experience will make a strong positive impact on the users. However, the greatest problem faced by most SCM businesses today is not delivering a good software product, but finding a team to build it.

Even the existing software requires regular updates to keep it relevant to the latest technological advancements. Finding the right team to develop new software is challenging. This is the reason most enterprises look to hire developers. If businesses want to hire the top remote developers, they need to cast their nets wider.

The World Economic Forum’s white paper, Realizing the Potential of Global Digital Jobs, predicts that 92 million jobs will be done entirely remotely in 2030, up from 73 million today. It is not very challenging to find a remote developer who’ll meet your requirements.

Reasons to Hire Remote Developers

Cost-effective: SCM & Logistics industry requires complex software solutions. It requires a team of developers with specialized skills, the in-house team may not possess. Hiring developers is a cost-effective way to access talented developers with the skill sets you need. It helps to save on the overhead expenses associated with recruiting new people and also reduces the operational costs.

Scalable: Throughout the development process of a supply chain project, there are some phases where you require more developers or cut down a few as the intensity of the tasks is low. Remote hiring allows seamless scalability. Scale your team up during peak times or scale down according to project requirements.

Access to diverse skills: Hiring developers gives the freedom to build a team with the skill sets needed for a particular project. Whatever the niche specialization you need, you can find the right talent and complete your logistics project successfully within the set timeline.

Faster time-to-market: Remote teams help businesses keep the work going throughout the day and night because people are working across different time zones. This improves the development speed and helps to market the product in a shorter time, which is crucial in the competitive supply chain landscape.

5 Tips for Hiring Remote Developers

The most important factor that makes remote work successful is hiring the right remote developer. Here are some tips that help you hire the right resource

Skills: Specify the technical skills and the experience required for a project. Analyze whether developers possess problem-solving skills and expertise in relevant technologies. Creating a clear and detailed job description helps in finding the right skills for a project.

Communication: The foundation of a remote team is effective communication. Great communication skill plays an effective role in sharing data effectively. Communication gaps are the biggest culprits that cause project delays. Hire developers with clear and concise communication skills and high emotional intelligence.

Cultural fit: The remote team and an organization’s internal team work together to complete specific parts of the project. A strong cultural fit is essential in these situations. Remote developers soak into the company culture while having small conversations with the in-house team members.

Mindset: A growth mindset ensures that the hired developers are passionate about learning new technologies related to supply chain software solutions. They must be ready to accept new challenges, and when the project faces setbacks, they must come up with efficient solutions.

Ability to work independently: Most hired developers work from a remote location. They must know how to manage their time and complete tasks within the deadline. Having the ability to work independently and overcome issues quickly will help to complete projects without disruptions.

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How to Manage Remote Teams

Set clear expectations and goals: Before a project commences, clearly explain what you expect from the hired remote developers. You need to include project deliverables, deadlines and the quality of work you desire. Sharing your goals with the team helps them to understand what impact the results must make on your supply chain process.

Create clear communication channels: Establish clear communication channels with the remote developers. Tools like Slack, Asana and Microsoft teams help in real-time chats, sharing documents and managing tasks. Right communication helps in keeping the remote team and the remote team on the same page.

Understand time zone difference: When remote teams work from another time zone ensure that you respect their boundaries. Keep track of remote team’s local time and try to plan meetings at a time that overlaps the working hours of both zones. By not disturbing the work-life balance of resources you motivate them to deliver the best. According to Forbes, 71% of remote workers said remote work helps to balance their work and personal life.

Avoid micromanagement: Good leaders avoid micromanagement. They trust their team and don’t interfere in their work unnecessarily. Communicate clearly that you want work to be completed before the deadline, let the teams decide how they will do it. However, they should be made accountable for their work.

Sign an NDA: Some development work needs more confidential information to be shared with the remote developers, which you may not approve. You don’t want to share your company’s information with outside people. Ask developers to sign NDAs and share relevant information with them.

Businesses in the Supply chain industry want to cut costs without compromising on quality. They can do it by hiring remote developers and successfully building custom software solutions. Remote developers working from any part of the world can help with your projects. You get resources with highly specialized skill sets that help you complete software projects at the right time. Today, remote work is a growing trend that is redefining the future of software development. Moreover, remote teams are better positioned to drive innovation and success.

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