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Marketing Automation: How Do You Reach the Right Audience?

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Creating a custom experience for the audience and reaching the right audience is difficult for most of the marketers. In recent days. customers are expecting massively personalized experiences from the products or service they make use of. However, providing that customized experience to each customer across every channel requires a lot of time and effort.

But with the utilization of the right marketing automation tools, businesses can provide customized experiences to their target customers. In this blog let’s explore detailed insights on marketing automation. Also, we’ll get to know how marketing automation helps your business to deliver personalized message for your target audience efficaciously. Before getting into the topic, let’s get to know what marketing automation is.

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a process that helps to enhance and automate marketing processes and multiple campaigns, across various channels. This can include management of campaigns, segmenting target audience, analyzing customer behavior, and lead nurturing.

Now, let’s get to know the benefits of marketing automation.

1. Identify and nurture leads across every channel

When it comes to marketing strategy, developing and maintaining relationships with customers is an essential aspect. With automated lead nurturing process businesses can build relationships with ideal customers. With this, businesses can deliver custom and timely content throughout their customer’s journey.

By automating lead nurturing, businesses can automate their marketing process which includes sending follow-up emails to target customers, building user segments based on user behavior, automating real-time data, and many more.

Some of the examples of lead nurturing automation include welcoming new customers, sending customer surveys, request reviews and feedback to customers, etc.,

2. Improve Your Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing a massive group of customers into smaller segments. It helps to reach a more relevant audience with appropriate message and communication to each segment. With Automation, marketers can segment users according on their attributes. With this, marketers can understand their customers in a better way.

better understand their audience and provide them predictive insights as well as to tailor their communication strategies accordingly. There are commonly four types of segmentation which include:

  • Demographic Segmentation

It is a process of segmentation based on attributes such age, gender, and job title of target audience.

  • Behavioral Segmentation

It is a process of segmentation based on activities of target users. For eg. email open rate, email clicks, page visit, etc.,

  • Psychographic segmentation

This has been used in marketing research as a part of market segmentation The ideology is dividing consumers into several sub-groups based on shared psychological characteristics, which include interests, shared values, other preferences, etc.,

  • Geographic Segmentation

It is a process of segmentation which segregates the audience based on geographic location like country, region, city, or postal code.

With automation, marketers can effortlessly segment the customer data with the help of integrating third party software, data-driven insights, and customizable reports.

3. Increase efficiency

Sales and marketing processes come with many routine and repetitive tasks. Marketing automation enhances efficiency by accomplishing these tasks, so that they can focus on the larger picture with more creative tasks which matter a lot. Automating and scheduling emails and social media posts and systemizing triggered content in both online as well as offline. Automated reminders help to keep your brand on the top of audience mind and shift audiences by means of of the sales funnel.

When your employees start to delegate their routine, and administrative tasks to automation, it becomes more effective and provides greater job satisfaction. This helps to reduce overhead should decrease as you don’t need much labor with automation. As a result, even the smaller teams can accomplish more with automation.

4. Provide a better customer journey

From now on, crafting meaningful customer journeys for bulk audiences through various number of channels need not to be done manually.
Marketing automation plays a crucial role in creating engaging customer personas, so that you can effectively handle each customer’s journey. Marketing automation can derive insights out of customer data to help target audiences depending on multichannel behaviors.

Besides, marketing automation helps to understand the behavioural patterns of customer journey. With the precise navigation of that journey, automation furnishes appropriate content to each customer at every single step.

5. Personalize your marketing strategy

Buyer personas is an inevitable tool, yet competitive marketing strategies must move apart from personas into real-time audience profiles for customization that drives revenue. Marketing automation covers every touchpoint into real time view of each member of your audience and provides relevant, custom offers and appropriate content whenever required.

For example, a target customer researching customized solutions might receive a follow-up email that addresses them by name and offers a targeted resource to aides them learn more. If they complete that download form, the new data will be used to provide a case study showcasing a company in a similar industry. Behind time, they might get a personalized offer, based on the size of their company or marketing team.

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Automate your Marketing Process!

There are umpteen benefits in marketing automation which helps in elevating more efficiency, more internal alignment, enhanced customer satisfaction, data—driven analytics, and enhanced ROI.

Are you ready to get started with marketing workflow automation or looking to learn more about automation to elevate your business process evaluate your current automation capabilities and needs. Decide which processes are already running smoothly and which tasks your team is still doing manually that could be streamlined with automation.

ISQUARE is a top-class marketing automation that allows you to streamline lead management, promote cross-channel engagement, and achieve multitouch points. Attaining personalization at scale, businesses can effectively nurture and score leads, and get crucial performance analytics to identify which investments give the considerable return.

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